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We need your help on Feb 24th at 7:30pm to show up at a Batavia City Hall meeting.  Batavia plans to ask the City of  Aurora to open the gate at Mesa and Wagner (Walmart) and we need to unite to prove to them that Batavia residents, in addition to the residents of Kirkland Farms subdivision in Aurora, want to keep the gate closed. 

The views on this web page do not necessarily reflect the views of the entirety of the core group of Keep Batavia Neighborhoods, but rather, this webpage is used merely to post the information that concerns this issue. 


Batavia City Staff is recommending, at the City Hall meeting at 7:30pm on Tues, Feb 24th, that City Council votes  on Feb 24th to  ask City of Aurora to open the wrought iron gate at the south end of  the Kirkland Farms subdivision at Mesa and Wagner Rd (Aurora) to allow through-traffic past the homes on Wagner Rd in Batavia, through the streets in Kirkland Farms,  to travel in and out of the Walmart parking lot (aka Mesa Ln).  The city is making the case (read Staff Memo to understand what the City of Batavia wants to about this) that this gate opening doesn’t affect Batavia [residents] at all, and that they anticipate no cut-through traffic (vehicles that will use Wagner Rd as a by-pass for Kirk Rd and they go to and from Walmart or whatever). 

 Below is an email that was recently sent to the  2 Batavia aldermen in Ward 1, Batavia (far east side) about the “gate opening  Note that my email below to these 2 aldermen may be helpful to put this issue into perspective for them, but won’t make the case just on its own.  We need your help.

 If nothing else that we learned during the fight against the industrial park, we learned that Batavia City Council usually only “gets it” if they physically see the people who oppose something.  There is power in seeing bodies in chairs at City Hall Chambers.  Note that the Wagner Rd. gate opening WILL happen, we believe, if there are not enough residents who show up at the 7:30pm 2/24/15 Committee of the Whole (City Council)  meeting at Batavia City Hall, 100 N. Island St., Batavia.

PLEASE HELP , in the order of the most effective actions you can take:

 1.  Doing  both:  Show up at the 7:30pm 2/24/15 COW meeting (see #2) and Write an email (see #3)

2.  Show up at the 7:30pm 2/24/15 Committee of the Whole meeting at City Hall at 100 N. Island, Batavia. We plan to read the below email during the “Matters of the Public” section, and when I ask for a show of hands of people here to keep the gate closed, please raise your hand (whether you live on Wagner or not).

3.  By 2/24/15,  12 noon (so that the aldermen have a chance to read it before the 7:30pm meeting), Write an email to the Mayor and aldermen (it can be just one email with a cut and paste of all of the names listed below (all of the Batavia aldermen plus Mayor) as a “Dear Mayor Schielke and Batavia aldermen” and tell them what you think about this gate opening. It only needs to be 2-4 sentences, or more only if you want.   Be sure to include your name and full address in the body of the email to them (especially if you live on Wagner Rd).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  

EMAIL SENT TO WARD 1 Batavia Aldermen (Mike O'Brien and Carl Fischer)

Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2015 2:12 PM
Subject: Wagner Road Gate

Dear Ald. O’Brien and Ald. Fischer;

I have just become aware of the COW discussion item on the agenda for the 2/24/15 COW meeting.  That is, discussion of the removal of the gate at Mesa Rd. and Wagner Rd, in the Kirkland Farms subdivision of Aurora.  I hope that you will defend our interest in this, to keep the gate at this location,  at the 2/24/15 COW meeting and ask the questions suggested in bold below.

 The Staff Memo, attached, dated 2/19/15 from Scott Buening, Subject “Discussion:  Wagner Road Gate” omits some very important, pertinent points and discrepancies in what Mr. Buening stated in his memo vs. what is actually true.  Since neither of you were aldermen when the decision to put up the gate was made (2008), I want to make you aware of these and urge you to listen to the 25 homeowners in Ward 1 of Batavia, who reside on Wagner Rd. in Batavia.  Note that these homeowners, including myself,  petitioned in favor of the gate in 2008:

Following is a list of Mr. Buening’s discrepancies, speculative, unproven arguments  and errors made regarding his assumptions about the gate at Mesa Ln and Wagner Rd(Aurora) that he made in the attached memo .

1.  Homeowners on Wagner Rd, Batavia petitioned in favor of the gate: The 25 homeowners in Ward 1 of Batavia, residing on Wagner Rd. in Batavia, signed a petition in 2008 that stated that they were in favor that this gate at Mesa Rd and Wagner Rd(Aurora) be put up.  Therefore is it incorrect for Mr. Buening to state in his 2/19/15 memo that there is “no negative impact to Batavia” per Mr. Buening.  Please be aware that there IS a negative impact to these 25 homeowners on Wagner Rd. in Batavia.    Please ask Mr. Buening the question, how does he know that there is no negative impact on these Batavia homeowners, knowing that they signed a petition in 2008 that clearly indicated that they wanted the gate.

 2.  Mr. Buening states that by opening up the gate, the reduction in traffic would extend the life of Wagner Rd.   Please ask Mr. Buening the question, how much would it extend the life?  Would the life be extended for 1 month,  1 year, 10 years, or 100 years?    Mr. Buening has not provided you with any metrics that provide this, and until you know what the life extension is, how do you know how to justify or not the opening of the gate?  For example, if the life expectancy of Wagner Rd, Batavia is 50 years, and the reduction in service vehicle traffic will reduce it by 1 month, then what is the cost of that 1 month?  $50?  $500?  $500,000?  If it is $500,000, then it is understandable and probably justifiable.  If it is $ 50, then why would the City of Batavia vote to open it up when there are a significant number of Batavia residents against it (i.e. in favor of the gate)?  Mr. Buening needs to provide more financial metrics to the City Council before a vote is taken.  The metrics that are included in his 2/19/15 memo do not provide any pertinent data.

3.  Mr. Buening states that if the gate was open, he feels that traffic volumes would be cut approximately in half.  Mr. Buening needs to be specific about what he is talking about and also engage a traffic analysis to prove his theory.  His guess is “cut in half”, but what if it actually is only a, for example, 1% reduction.  Would his argument still be valid then?   Please ask Mr. Buening as to where his data comes from that it would be “cut in half”.  And, does Mr. Buening have proof that the traffic on Wind Energy is not traffic flowing in and out of Kirk Rd. going to other destinations besides South on Wagner Rd?  Where are all the metrics?  Why should his guess be taken as gospel?

4.  Mr. Buening stated that cut-through traffic would be minimal.  Please ask Mr. Buening how he knows this?  Is this a guess?  Does he have any evidence?  Has he consulted a traffic analyst?  And why is he making the statement now, when in 2008 his predecessor determined that there would be substantial cut-through traffic, hence the reason for the petitions signed in favor of the Gate by both the Wagner Rd. residents as well as the sign at Wind Energy Pass and Wagner Rd that states “Wagner Rd. Closed to Thru Traffic” that the City of Batavia installed in 2009 (see attachment)?  Mr. Buening needs to provide you with a traffic analysis by a professional that provides you with anticipated cut-through traffic.

 5  Mr. Buening states that the subdivision of Kirkland Farms is a circuitous nature where it would be difficult to use as an efficient cut through route.  The 3rd attachment is a map of the cut-through route; the green line indicates that route, that is not circuitous or difficult.   Mr. Buening is wrong.  It is not difficult to use at all, with or without the use of a GPS.  All one needs to do is to travel through this  Kirkland Farm subdivision and make logical choices and you can easily get from Wind Energy and Wagner (Batavia) to Mesa Ln and Wagner (Aurora) without getting lost and much quicker and safer than traveling Killer Kirk and its traffic lights.  I urge you to take the trip yourself before  you believe what Mr. Buening is saying about being difficult to use as a cut-through route.  Please do not take Mr. Buening’s guess at this.

 We, as the 25 homeowners living on Wagner Rd in Batavia, south of Wind Energy, plead with you to ask City Staff (Mr. Buening) to do his due diligence before you believe what he has said above.  We just want a fair shot at this, without Mr. Buening’s speculative, error-ridden information being assumed as “fact” by you and the rest of City Council.

I am asking that you, as Aldermen of Ward 1, take what 25 homeowners in Ward 1 asked for in 2008 and listen to your Ward 1 constituents to keep the gate up and closed  at Mesa and Wagner Rd. (Aurora).  We anticipated substantial cut-through traffic which we petitioned to avoid in 2008, and this has not changed.  We do not want Wagner Rd. in Batavia to be used as a cut-through for traffic going to and from Walmart, as an alternative to Killer Kirk, and we ask you vote “no” when City Staff recommends that they send a letter to the City of Aurora asking them to remove the gate at Wagner Rd in Aurora (at Mesa Ln – Walmart).

Thank you. 
Joyce Keane, Batavia Resident , residing on Wagner Rd.


Gate at Walmart - Mesa Ln. & Wagner Rd, Aurora