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                                       Please Help Defray Expenses

Keep Batavia Neighborhoods (KBN) is asking you to please help defray the expenses that our group incurred with our activities to defeat the rezoning of the 55 acres at Kirk and Wind Energy Pass in Batavia.   We had many wonderful volunteers who were our "feet on the street" and gave up an aggregate hundreds of hours of their time and talent to help defeat the rezoning, but we also had out of pocket expenses.  These expenses were paid for by a dozen or so generous residents.

Although KBN is a very frugal organization, from June to October, 2014,  we spent about $5,000.00 on legal counsel, office and computer supplies, and printing costs.  We would like to proportionately reimburse these funders to help defray some of this financial burden that they took on.  In addition, we don't see an end to Keep Batavia Neighborhoods as a citizens watchdog group.   Our next step is to force accountability to make Batavia City Hall answerable to their actions so that we as residents never need to see ourselves in the same situation again.  That is, defending ourselves against errors and missteps made by Batavia City Hall.  This will take some money as well to do so.

Your donation will help to reimburse those neighbors who funded the $5,000.00 as well as ensure funding for the next steps to force accountability within Batavia City Hall. If you are pleased with the outcome of this defeat of the industrial park at Kirk and Wind Energy, and want to help with a donation, no matter how big or smail, we would greatly appreciate your help.  We are totally transparent organization, and would be happy to provide you with full accounting of our income and expenses at any time.

Note:  If Keep Batavia Neighborhoods disbands for any reason (we don't plan to, but we want you to know a contingency plan) we will donate any surplus remaining in our bank account to a local 501(c)3 charity, e.g. Batavia Food Pantry,  Hesed House et. al.

There are 2 ways to donate:

1.  Send a check, payable to "Keep Batavia Neighborhoods" to Keep Batavia Neighborhoods, c/o Joyce Keane, 2030 Wagner Rd., Batavia, IL 60510

2.  Use the "Donate" button below and pay by credit or debit card.  We are using PayPal to collect these donations but you don't need a PayPal account.  Rather it works just like a shopping cart system where you just enter a donation amount and then enter your credit/debit card information.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.