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Keep Batavia Neighborhoods

In 2004 the City of Batavia annexed the property at Kirk Road and Wind Energy Pass as multi-family home zoning (R/4) on the eastern 35 acres for 242 townhouses, and general commercial/retail on the west 20 acres that fronts Kirk Rd.

Residential property, mostly single family homes,  densely populates  this this area, starting at Kirk Rd. and to the west. WInd Energy Pass at Kirk Rd.  is a main gateway into Batavia neighborhoods on the far east side; making this industrial park as the front entrance to many Batavia east side neighborhoods and residences.

Because of the recession, there has been nothing built on this 55 acre lot as it was originally zoned. It is currently farmed.  In 2013 a developer, Missner Group,  approached the City of Batavia  and requested a rezoning change (to Light Industrial) for these 55 acres.  

The City of Batavia is taking the following steps regarding this rezoning:

  1. In March, 2014 the Batavia Plan Commission held an open meeting that included the forum for citizens to speak about this rezoning  The vast majority of citizens present opposed the rezoning.
  2.  In April, 2014, the Batavia Plan Commission voted 4 to 3, despite the citizens best efforts, and recommended that the City of Batavia pursue the rezoning. 
  3. At this time (May/June/July/Aug  2014) the Batavia Joint Commission of the Whole (JCOW) has requested that Missner Group, the developer who  is courting the City of Batavia to change the zoning, submit a plan for the development.  JCOW, which includes the Batavia City Council and committees,  is currently awaiting these development plans from Missner Group.
  4. The last step, after JCOW receives the Missner development plans,  is for the Batavia City Council, which includes 14 aldermen and the mayor,  to further review the information  and then ultimately vote on the rezoning.  If the vote is passed (by at least 10 City Council members), the the property will be rezoned to light industrial.  At that point, Batavia citizens will have no choice, and will have to live with this bad decision.  This vote could happen as early as September, 2014.

This last step #4 is the crucial one, however Keep Batavia Neighborhoods is pursuing various action plans  now that need to be done during step #3 above  that will help defeat this rezoning.  Waiting for step #4 to occur is too late.  We need every citizen's help now.  Batavia's aldermen and mayor need to hear from everyone who is against this proposed rezoning in order for them to understand that this rezoning would be a great tragedy for the citizens of Batavia. Find out how to voice your opposition.  Show you oppose.


Southeast corner of Kirk Rd. and Wind Energy Pass

Batavia, IL

Since 2004, this 55 acre lot  (many people recognize the water tower in the far back in above photo) has been zoned as multi-family/commercial.  The City of Batavia is pursuing a request by a developer to have it rezoned as "light industrial", putting large warehouses and truck bays for semi-trucks on this lot shown above.

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